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Learn the Daily Responsibilities of a CNA

Learn the Daily Responsibilities of a CNA

Are you feeling torn between becoming a certified nursing assistant or other similar professions such as a medical assistant? The decision will be easier to make when you have a better idea of how CNAs operate in the healthcare industry.

To guide your decision, here are the daily responsibilities of a CNA:

  • Infection control

    Infection can spread easily in the healthcare industry, which is why it’s important that CNAs practice excellent infection control. This entails sanitizing patients’ rooms and other key areas in the facility for optimal safety.

  • Dietary care

    In most healthcare facilities, CNAs are tasked with delivering meals to patients. This may also entail feeding patients who are incapable of doing so while recording their food and beverage intake to ensure they receive optimal care.

  • Treatment administration

    While you’re not able to administer medications, you are qualified to administer treatment in different ways. This includes assisting patients with compression stockings and other medical devices.

  • Emotional support

    The most talented CNAs are those who are compassionate. As a CNA, you’ll get to work closely with patients in nursing homes, hospitals, and similar settings. As such, you’ll provide emotional support by listening to their concerns and advocating for them, which makes a huge difference in their lives.

  • Set up medical equipment

    After completing your CNA training in Denver, Colorado, you’ll be in charge of storing and setting up medical equipment for patient exams. If you’ve received proper training, you may also assist with medical procedures, such as drawing blood from patients.

We at Eezy Training Institute are committed to helping you prepare for a bright future in the healthcare industry through our CNA classes in Colorado. Browse our site to learn more about our training programs and class schedules.

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