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Tips to Help You Ace Your CNA Examination

Tips to Help You Ace Your CNA Examination

To pursue a rewarding career as a CNA, you must first complete CNA training in Denver, Colorado and pass the competency examination. Similar to other standardized tests, the CNA exam is designed to prove that students who pass the test are qualified to work as CNAs.

To prepare you for the exam, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Take the practice test
    The practice exam is accessible to students so they can practice taking the exam on their own. Taking the exam multiple times will determine which aspects of your CNA training you need to study and review.
  • Utilize online resources to your advantage
    There are many websites and online resources that provide study aid materials, such as flashcards, reading materials, and videos that will help you review your lessons and modules. These online resources can supplement your studies and make it easier to recollect past lessons.
  • Organize a study group
    Find study partners and organize a study group that meets a few times each week. Discussing what you have learned will help retain the information and make it easier to understand too.
  • Speak to an experienced professional
    The best way to learn more about the CNA exam and certification is to speak to an experienced nursing assistant. An experienced CNA can relay their experiences in taking the exam and what it’s like to pursue this type of career path.

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