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Training to Be a CNA? Check Your Emotional Competency

Training to Be a CNA? Check Your Emotional Competency
A career as a certified nursing assistant is one of the most selfless endeavors there is. Top-notch technical skills, exhaustive training, excellent time management, critical thinking, and physical stamina—these are only some of the qualifications you must tick off to become an effective CNA.

This said, completing these qualifications through your CNA classes in Colorado is not enough. You must also ensure that you have the emotional competency to back these up.

Thus, as your trusted provider of CNA training in Denver, Colorado, we at Eezy Training Institute encourage you to look inwards and see whether you can tick off the following traits that measure your emotional competency.

  • Awareness of Self and Others
    Sure, there are unfriendly patients, but can you look past their actions to see how you may also be affecting them?
  • Mood management
    You will have bad days, but this should not deter you from acting like how you would, had the day been a good one. Also, if a patient was being disruptive, will you have the willpower to not take it out on them?
  • Empathy
    Being empathetic to your hurting patient is a given, but can you extend this same empathy to that grouchy patient you have? Can you put yourself on their shoes to understand whatever emotions there are that are fueling their negative reaction?
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