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CNA Education: Key Requirements and Prerequisites

CNA Education: Key Requirements and Prerequisites

To become a CNA, there are specific requirements and prerequisites you need to accomplish before attending CNA training in Denver, Colorado. If you’re interested in this career, below is an overview of essential requirements and prerequisites prior to attending classes.

Most CNA training programs are offered by colleges and vocational schools, such as Eezy Training Institute. There are also training programs offered by hospitals and nursing homes that are certified by the state. Day courses typically last two months, while night and weekend courses can take three to four months to complete.

Most CNA classes in Colorado require students to achieve their high school diploma or GED before enrollment. However, some programs prioritize students with prior experience providing adult healthcare services, such as a hospital aide or home healthcare provider.

Once a student is accepted into the program, they must undergo a background check and physical exam. The latter is used to determine if a student is free of any communicable diseases and if they’re capable of heavy lifting. Other programs may require drug testing as part of the preliminary physical exam. A background check is also necessary to ensure patient safety.

Additionally, there are programs that seek certain attributes in their candidates too. Due to the nature of work, CNAs should be patient and capable of providing compassionate care to patients. A CNA is an important member of the healthcare system, so they must be dependable and possess excellent communication skills to work well with healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Due to federal regulations, a nursing assistant will need to accomplish a state-approved training program with a minimum of 75 hours of training. After doing so, students will need to pass the certification exam in their respective states to become a CNA.

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