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Energizing Yourself Between Shifts


Many people don’t know this, but nurses go through grueling hours to ensure their patients are well cared for and comfortable. This can put even the healthiest of nurses in danger of illnesses.

Eezy Training Institute is here to share a few tips on how you can stay energized throughout your shifts as a future Nursing Assistant.

Don’t worry because we made sure to consult the instructors at our CNA Training in Denver, Colorado. So rest assured that these are tips that work. Take a look:

  • Control what you can control
    You may not be able to control your shift, which floor you’ll be working on, or your patient load or acuity, but you can use assistive devices to make work easier or invest in a pair of sturdy and comfortable running shoes.
  • Eat right
    We’re not just talking about eating balanced meals. You should have energizing snacks such as fruits and health bars in between your regular meals. Make sure to include a protein source, as this can keep you full for a longer duration.

Don’t worry. You’ll learn more tips in your CNA Classes in Colorado. Learn more about our services by calling us at 303-396-8364.

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