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Essential Skills Every Successful CNA Should Possess

 Essential Skills Every Successful CNA Should Possess

Today, working as a certified nursing assistant is a highly coveted role in the healthcare industry. In addition to a wide range of job opportunities, this career path has a projected growth rate of up to 9% by 2028. So, if you’re interested in building a successful career as a CNA, here are a few essential skills you should hone during training:

  • Exceptional communication skills.
    Among the numerous skills you develop while attending CNA classes in Colorado, communication skills are among the most essential. As a CNA, part of your responsibilities includes communicating with patients and their family members, in addition to healthcare staff. This also translates into written communication, particularly when writing reports or documents.
  • Strong observation and organizational skills.
    Astute observation skills are vital especially when monitoring your patient’s health. Since you will work under limited supervision, the ability to manage your time and tasks effectively is what most employers seek in potential staff.
  • An emphatic, compassionate nature.
    Although considered inherent qualities, having an emphatic and compassionate nature is an extension of your interpersonal skills. When working with patients, having a caring bedside manner will help you navigate various social situations with grace and a high level of professionalism.

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