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How to Stand out as a CNA

How to Stand out as a CNA

Like other jobs, if you want to stand out as a nursing assistant you will have to go and beyond your call of duty. This may mean that you should overdo things, but just that there are things that you could be doing to make things run smoother and help advance your career.

Thus, Eezy Training Institute, your trusted CNA training in Denver, Colorado, brings you 5 things or attitudes to get you on the road to becoming a top-notch CNA.

  1. Avoid tardiness
    Avoiding tardiness will make you stand out since so many aids call out regularly. As long as you are not running a fever, vomiting, encountering an emergency, or advised by a doctor not to report, you should be at work. However, for unavoidable circumstances, make sure to call your supervisor to let them know.
  2. Listen and learn from others
    By listening to other CNAs, you can learn amazing tricks, tips, or probably life lessons from them. Also, ask questions when you’re in doubt.
  3. Take some initiative
    There is not a lot of downtime as a CNA, but when you have a spare second, see what needs to be done. This can be as simple as helping others aids get their work done, restocking necessary items, or answering call bells for other aids patients.
  4. Do not complain
    There are always going to be things that you do not want to do; switching lunch or break times, extra tasks your supervisor lays on you, staying over or coming in early, etc. If you must complain, better do it in your mind.
  5. Stay humble
    Like many things in life, always stay humble and never become overconfident.

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