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What to Expect from Your CNA Training

What to Expect from Your CNA Training

If you’re interested in pursuing a rewarding career as a nursing assistant, it’s necessary to undergo training first. Overseen by schools, online training programs, and local healthcare facilities, CNA classes train students to become competent CNAs. To help prepare you for training, here’s what to expect:

  • Requirements for enrollment

    Before joining CNA classes in Colorado, you may be required to submit transcripts from your GED program or high school. Other requirements may also include completion of all the required immunizations and a physical examination, as well as a criminal background check.

  • Coursework

    CNA training in Denver, Colorado is typically comprised of two main sections and the first stage revolves around coursework. This includes classroom and laboratory discussions, which will provide you with essential core skills and knowledge necessary to become a competent CNA. During coursework, you’ll learn how to observe and care for patients, as well as understand CNA protocols and laws regarding patient rights.

  • Clinical studies

    The second stage of your CNA course will take place at extended care facilities and local hospitals. This experience is vital as it exposes you to a clinical setting and allows you to apply your learned skills and knowledge in a practical setting. During this phase, you’ll learn how to monitor patients’ vital signs, engage in patient and staff communication, and more.

Eezy Training Institute is a school specializing in CNA certification. Browse our site to enroll online or view our upcoming training schedules.

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